Seth Godin: What search does not answer

“If I do perhaps 75 online searches, I’ll start getting close to what I want.” – Seth Godin

Information which is ever-changing for instance which restaurant, where to have re-union meet-ups etc. is something web search engines cannot track and that’s were projects like come in to play.

Probably open-ended questions is next what Tezaa should come up with next.

Seth Godin: What search does not answer

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  1. i am a great lover of seth’s writing from the days of permission marketing ( world war 1 in internet age) .

    Some problems have answers.some questions pose new problems. Search as it was defined earlier (in the online paradigm atleast) was how to index/rank and produce the most likely answers to the user intent by using programmatic tools of the available content.

    what is being asked is Repurposed content that can dynamically be shown based on new search conditions.

    I see that many questions that are being thrown at search engines are not what search engines can solve but little software agents that can talk to all of digital data repositaries not restricted to the open world wide web.

    may be we will see them soon and they will be called not search engines but Findagents(tm)

    ram December 13, 2007 at 3:04 pm #

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