Who is Shalin Jain?

Shalin is that rare gem of a guy that you find among commonalities. Shalin sets a standards all to himself - be it in conceptualizing a product, the design, the way he functions, clarity in business, and the way he lives his life. A well-rounded guy, an amazing friend, and entrepreneur.
Vijay Anand The Startup Guy
Amazing entrepreneur, sharp, innovative and understands markets extremely well. One of the best recruiters I've seen.
Jayanth Bagare
Shalin has been one of the most product-centric entrepreneurs in India that I've known. His quest for perfection in every product that he builds is commendable, augmented further by his sincerity, hard-work and humility.
Pallav Nadhani CEO, FusionCharts
He has a great knack of hiring interesting, engaging talent, and that reflects in the products.
Chandrachoodan Gopalakrishnan Writer & Researcher
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Rockstars are not enough

I am guilty of writing job posts that reads: “We are looking for a Rockstar Developer”. Just the way a VC would tell you that they will invest only in a “proven team”, we sometimes try to showcase our taste for the best by saying we hire “rockstars” or “superheroes” but indeed that’s not true.

Rupee Symbol Font for your Mac

It’s easy to setup the Rupee font on your Mac. Follow these steps below and you should be able to get Rupee symbol working. 1. Get the Rupee Font from http://blog.foradian.com/rupee-font-version-20 2. Copy the downloaded .TTF file the Machine’s font folder (not user/system) Macintosh HD > Library > Fonts 3. Open TextEdit (or similar) and change […]

Walk with me

Don’t say a word just walk with me another 3 miles or till the end of time dont say stop or turn around hold my hand tight and strong don’t you see the birds fly high and beyond don’t you see those waves keep coming along I don’t think there could be an end to […]

The Last Row

Would you want to be seated in the last row? Hmm.. but where? I know a few friends who would always prefer the last row – be it the classroom or a evam play. Their freedom to comment & yap without getting noticed. So much of their last row choices are much wiser though – […]